Things to Consider Before Hiring an Immigration Consultant


Everybody has a dream of traveling abroad to a beautiful country. Be it in the student age or a middle-aged man. Traveling abroad is done for a number of reasons. You may be wanting to study or work there, you may want to settle there to start a new life for yourself and your family. Along these lines, the primary concern that strikes a person’s mind is choosing a good immigration consultant.

At times, it happens that people get misguided by contacting inexperienced or unprofessional even fake consultants which put them in a real tight spot. We all know that going abroad is not a simple process. It’s very hectic and involves several processes and policies to handle.

Immigration consultants are people that are very much aware of all little techniques, visa processes, and the internal workings of how to move abroad for studies, work, or residency.

Things to Consider Before Hiring an Immigration Consultant

Here, we have created some important points to shortlist the key things to remember when hiring a consultant for the best results. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Experience Level – Whenever you schedule a meeting with a consultant, always make sure to know their total experience in this field. You can definitely ask them to show their license or credentials to prove their experience. Any top immigration consultant firm would not hesitate to show you the recommended diplomas or
  2. Prefer a Registered Consultancy – Ensure that the consultancy you have opted for is registered and reliable and are having a good reputation in the market. It would offer you the right guidance. 
  3. Take Recommendations from People – one of the best ways to decide if the consultancy is right for you or not is by looking at its past clients. You need to make sure that they specialize in the visa category which you want. There are certain consultants called study visa experts as they have specialization in student visas only. So, if you are looking for a work visa they wouldn’t be able to help you.Happy Customers
  4. Avoid Fraud Visa Agents – Beware of fraud visa consultants. They spoil your time, money and ultimately spoil the whole visa process which can turn your beautiful dream into a nightmare. Look out for the best and reliable consultancy by taking the time and properly checking their visa success rate.
  5. Preparation of a Visa Interview – cracking a visa interview round is not easy. So, you have to make sure that your consultancy provides visa interview training and preparation. This is very important as now, visa officials reject the application of an individual if they are not 100% confident about what was discussed in the interview round.
  6. Go with a Reliable Company and Not a Freelancing Team of Individuals – if you are serious about going abroad, then choosing a team of freelancing individuals is definitely not the right choice. The chances of fraud and fake consultants increase as they do not have registered offices and permanent experienced professionals. 
  7. Research the Background of the Consultancy – Do a thorough research on the company before finally hiring them. Look out for the reviews, client testimonials on the online platform, their social presence, and make sure that they are genuine.Research Company Backgroung
  8. Do they Offer one-time Consultation? – This is a must-ask question for such firms. Most reputable consultants who offer immigration services will offer one-time consultations. This allows you to book a meeting with the consultant to review your personal details and requirements for moving abroad. So, you know that if a consultancy is refusing for a one-time consultation, then that itself is a reason for the red flag and more scrutiny.
  9. Legal Proficiency – Immigration is a long and difficult legal process. So to avoid and stay away from any legal difficulty you should hire a consultant who is proficient in all the laws and legal documents needed to travel abroad. 

All in all, you have to decide what is best for you and your requirements. But keeping the above things in mind, we can at least be sure that our time and money would not be wasted on a consultancy which is very new to this market or is a fraud and looking to make a quick buck.

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