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    Many of us dream of living in another country for at least some time in our life. Living overseas offers a wide range of opportunities, new lifestyle choices, new careers, and new direction.

    It is said ‘travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind’. Working abroad gives your career a boost which opens up new opportunities. Moving overseas gets you and your family to open up to new possibilities and challenges.

    Settling in a new environment not only enhances your knowledge and cultural prospects but also helps in your professional and personal growth. We help achieve your goals to move abroad and make a new life for yourself and your family. We are considered as a top choice for individuals and families seeking a new life abroad.


    Our team of professionals will sit with you and understand your preferences. We would never try to send you to a country which would not suit you or your needs. We cater to skilled workers, entrepreneurs, tourists or candidates seeking family sponsorship. We respect our clients by offering personalised services and one on one guidance counsellors.

    Why Choose Us?

    Experienced Professionals

    Team of experienced professionals is always available for your counseling. Our experts will clear all your queries before you process your visa application with us. Moreover, they will guide you to choose the best college and university according to your interest.

    Trusted Visa Agent

    We have combined experience of more than 10 years. We are up to date with the latest information and have all the secret gateways to help you find your way to your dream country.

    Funds Settlement

    Our experts also assist you in preparing and setting financial document proofs of funds required for visa applications.

    Family Packages Available

    Looking forward to shifting abroad with family? Our team of experts will guide and clear your queries related to shifting abroad with complete family.

    Extreme Transparency Policy

    Our Extreme Transparency Policy ensures that the client receives a transparent price feed, transparent liquidity, transparent historical data, transparent market information at all times.

    Affordable Charges

    Skilled Abroad is known for charging its client very minimally. Our prices are affordable and very less as compare to all other visa agents.

    Grow Your Carrer

    Reasons to Settle Abroad

    achieve your goals

    Achieve your life goals easily by settling abroad.

    carrier growth

    You will get an ample number of carrier opportunities abroad.

    high payscale

    Not only carrier growth, but you also get a higher pay scale.

    peace of mind

    With better carrier options and higher pay grade, you get peace of mind.

    Some of the Best Nation to Settle Down

    Flag of Canada - Wikipedia

    The immigration policies of Canada are very diversified and relaxed. No wonder Canada has become one of the most sought destinations for migration. Its reputation for being an immigration friendly nation has made it easier for people to move there to explore job opportunities and their future.

    Its health climate, safe neighborhoods, world-class education, and high living standards make it perfect to settle down and raise a family. It is ranked in top 10 peaceful countries in the world. The migrants are attracted by its great weather, lifestyle, and excellent quality of life.

    We help you to apply migration in any of the following ways:

    • Express entry visa
    • Provincial nominee program (PNP)
    • Quebec immigration
    • Atlantic immigration pilot
    • Family sponsorship
    • Entrepreneur programs

    Flag of the United States of America | Britannica

    For many people immigrating to the USA is a lifelong dream. It is known as the land of endless promises.  However, the United States places limits on the type and number of people who can come to permanently reside there.

    The nation offers impressive job opportunities and the best of the working conditions to those who are skilled and probe to benefit from the countries immigration policies. The US is regarded as the world’s most influential global economy even as it’s currency is regarded as the global currency.

    The US immigration process is not that easy. We help to process your file starting from collecting required documents, moving next to showing funds, paying for visa application, and ending with the visa approval. You will definitely get your application form approved under the guidance of our immigration experts. There are numerous ways to migrate to the USA which includes:

    • As an employee
    • Through the investor route
    • With your family

    Flag of Australia - Wikipedia

    There is no doubt when we say that Australian people enjoy very high-quality life. It has a low population count with less pollution and ample fresh jobs. Beautiful scenery and natural landscapes make Australia one of the most preferred countries for migration.

    Australia is a developed country and is welcoming to migrants, has a strong economy, and well-paid jobs in the IT, healthcare, education, and engineering sectors.

    We have a dedicated Australian migration team with the knowledge and experience to help you migrate with the most successful outcome. We can help you to migrate to Australia using one of the following methods: As an Employee, Partner Visa, Working Holiday Visa, and Business Visa.

    Flag of the United Kingdom - Wikipedia

    It is another one of the hot spots for migration today. Every year people in high numbers are migrating to the UK for study, jobs or other reasons. The country offers not only quality jobs, but also pollution-free environment, safety, and a high-quality lifestyle.

    The labor market and economy are the two most important factors attracting migration from all over the world. Also, the fact that English is the first language, it is easier for people to settle in terms of language. We help you to migrate to the UK in any of the following ways:

    • Tier 1/Entrepreneur Visa
    • Tier 2/General Work Visa
    • Highly Skilled Migrant Program

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, we do not charge the counseling fee to any customer. Moreover, we provide free document assessments of our clients.

    We are experienced in study visa, permanent residence, express entry and work visa for Canada, Australia, USA, and more.

    We have more than 10 years of combined experience and hundreds of satisfied clients in our portfolio. Feel free to ask us any details.

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